Rancho Filoso

Our Story

Rancho Filoso (Spanish translation for Sharp Ranch) inherits its name for the pioneering Sharp family who have been farming in Ventura County since 1882. This ranch has been cultivated for the last three generations by women farmers and fosters an encouraging culture that identifies, promotes and nurtures women in the traditionally male-dominated agriculture industry. As an exciting and challenging new venture, the 86-acre citrus and avocado ranch substituted 1.5 of it’s avocado acres to coffee in 2016. Tucked into a hillside in the beautiful heritage valley, the coffee trees benefit from the temperate coastal weather, sunshine, and rich soils. The picturesque landscape offers ocean views, grass covered ridges, and mountain landscapes. Seven generations of Sharp family members have called this valley home and work towards creating a beautiful and bountiful legacy that will provide nutritional and prosperous harvests for many generations to come.

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